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      Please join us for ICoMST 2018 in Melbourne, Australia

      It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the 64th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology which will be held inMelbourne, Australia from 12th to 17th of August 2018. This major forum promises to be a most rewarding experience of effective exchange of information and ideas on important topics in the world of meat science and technology while sampling some of the best hospitality and scenery on the planet. The theme of the Congress is ‘Quality and Integrity for Global Consumers’. The Congress will focus on the following thirteen major themes; Provenance and fraud detection; Process control in the meat industry; Next generation technologies to assess carcass and meat quality; Food safety and microbiology; Smart packaging for quality, safety and integrity; Dietary muscle proteins for stage of life; Revolution in biometrics and consumer sensory science; Value adding to meat and offal; and Glycolytic and proteolytic metabolism across species. For this reason, we feel that professionals from research, academia, government and industry from around the world will find the 64th ICoMST stimulating and worthwhile.  

      A special issue of the international journal, Meat Science, will be provided to all delegates and we will celebrate 20 years of Meat Standards Australia and 30 years since ICoMST was in Australia. We have planned an array of informative and enjoyable technical and scenic tours and all attendees will experience Australian culture and hospitality through our social programme. Melbourne is ideally located for those wishing to extend their stay and immerse themselves in Victoria’s beautiful landscape, excellent food and friendly culture.  Melbourne is known for its Festivals, laneways, coffee and food. The city of Melbourne has been voted by the Economist, as the ‘Worlds most livable city’ for 7 years in a row. 

      Stay tuned for further information on the programme including social functions, tours and partner program. The co-chairs, the committee and the researchers and industry look forward to welcoming you and getting to know you throughout the days of the Congress.

      Robyn Warner,
      Congress Chair, University of Melbourne

      Frank Dunshea,
      Congress Co- Chair, University of Melbourne

      Key Dates


      Scientific Programme Outline 

      Session Topic: Provenance and fraud detection 

      Packaging to combat meat fraud (plenary review) 

      Prof John Spink, Michigan State University 

      Authentication of dietary background and geographical origin of meat 

      Prof Frank Monahan, University College Dublin 

      Session Topic: Next generation technologies to assess carcase and meat quality 

      Use of DXA to determine lean meat yield in a commercial setting Assoc 

      Prof Graham Gardner, Murdoch University 

      Chemometrics and hyperspectral imaging/NIR imaging 

      Marlon dos Reis, AgResearch, New Zealand. 

      Session Topic: Revolution in biometrics and consumer sensory sciences 

      Prediction of implicit and explicit consumer responses using biometrics 

      Dr Damir Torrico, The University of Melbourne 

      Understanding consume responses across various markets 

      Dr Liselotte Pannier, Murdoch University 

      Understanding the effect of healthy trends on the aroma of meat products 

      Monica Flores, IATA Spain

      Session Topic: Value adding to meat and offal 

      Utilisation of waste streams in food manufacturing  

      Carlos Alvarez, TEAGSC 

      Understanding proteolysis for tenderness and flavour in development of premium value added meat products (include dry ageing) 

      Dr Brad Kim, USA 

      Session Topic: Food safety and microbiology 

      The position of meat in foodborne disease: Is there a coming revolution in risk assessment and management? 

      Narelle Fegan, CSIRO 

      Genetics and microbiology of meat 

      Keith Belk CSU (Penn State)  

      Session Topic: Glycolytic and proteolytic metabolism across species 

      New understanding of the causes of dark cutting in beef 

      Dr Peter McGilchrist, UNE 

      Glycolytic metabolism in pork and chicken and fish species 

      Dr Eric England, Ohio State University  

      Contribution of collagen and connective tissue to cooked meat toughness 

      Prof Peter Purslow, Argentina 

      Nitric oxide and protein nitrosylation in meat 

      Prof Wanggang Zhang, Nanjing Agricultural University 

      Session Topic: Smart packaging for quality, safety and integrity 

      Meat packaging solutions to current industry challenges 

      Dr Benjamin Holman, NSW DPI  

      Boosting meat quality and safety by packaging innovation Ms Mari-Ann Torngren, DMRI, Denmark 

      Session Topic: Dietary muscle proteins for stage of life 

      Evolution of meat eating 

      Prof Neil Mann, The University of Melbourne 

      Dietary meat and protection against sarcopenia  

      Prof Gordon Lynch, The University of Melbourne 

      Session Topic: Process control in the meat industry 

      Development of a pork eating quality model (will also cover quality assurance topic in pork, chicken and liver) 

      Ms Heather Channon, Australian Pork Limited 

      Current and future commercial high volume prospects for carcase to cook traceability 

      Mr Sean Starling, Meat & Livestock Australia 



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